SOIL 4234 Soil Nutrient Management


Chapter 1: Introduction, Laws and Theories, Nutrient Mobility
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Chapter 2: Basic Chemistry, Oxidation States, Solubility, Nutrient Demand and Deficiencies.
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Chapter 3: Problems Soils: Acid, Saline and Alkali Soils>
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     PSS-2239 Cause and Effects of Soil Acidity
      PT-2000-10 Liming
     PT2002-15 Risk of not Liming
     PT2003-08 Limining as Soils
     tOSU Lowering pH
     PSS-2226 Reclaiming Slick Spots

Chapter 4: Basic Soil-Plant Relationships
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Chapter 5: Nitrogen 
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      Nitrogen Cycle PP
      Calculation guide
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Chapter 6: Sensor Based N Recommendation
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Chapter 7: Phosphorus
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Chapter 8: Potassium
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IPNI K Production
KSU Fertility Rec. 
Virtual Mine Tour

 Chapter 9. Secondary Nutrients.  Ca, Mg, S
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Sulfur Deposition Video


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